SUPER-PHONE.COM                                  RESELLER OPPORTUNITIES

Super Phone offers realization of fast revenues from extremely popular useful voice services and empowering reseller opportunities.

1. Affiliate Program:

Affiliate program enables you to offer services from your website. Each customer who buys at least $5 USD of service upon signup, you get $2 USD.

Ideal on your portals, utilities, and communities where your visitors and end-users can get started. Simply link to our site in the following form,   http://www.Super where "your email" will be filled in with your email address.

2. Pre-Paid Card Resellers:
Buy Super Phone Prepaid talk-time and make your cards backed by it. Distribute them locally in your area or country.

3. Co-Branded - Re-branded Product:
Super can build your custom Web-Based PC to Phone service, just like ours, but the look and the feel of the product will be yours. You have a certain customer base that your expertise "speaks to." We understand.  Be in control of your own rates table and complete solution.

4. Franchise by geographical area: franchise lets you take advantage of our years of work, expertise, and results since 1999 to be yours in a certain area of the world where you know the market best. All inquiries from that area will be pointed to you. A franchise setup fee, credentials and references, and an agreement completed will place you in the highly popular voice over Internet business, your own!

Re-Sellers of
You can make a local deposit on Service from one of our Re-sellers below.

EN Solutions
Attention: Greg Goh
10 Ubi Crescent 01-39 Singapore 408564
Telephone: +65-6511-3233

Kai soft (PTE) Ltd
14A Prince George Park
Singapore 118 407
Tel: (65) 3150 5091

Jonathan Leong
9, jalan molek 1/8
Taman molek Johor
Malaysia 81100
Telephone: +60-12-7722700

Mr Osman Mohd

Please contact with your details to